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Expansion Bellows

The material used to construct Expansion Bellows depend upon the type of application. However, these are commonly produced using  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) of high grade quality to ensure durability and their capability of withstanding adverse industrial conditions such as high temperature, internal pressure and so on. These are used for absorbing vibrations and movements, while  transferring gases and steam at high temperature. Expansion Bellows provide support to various high-pressure and heavy duty  processes. Such bellows are ruggedly developed to find implementation within the sections of bridges, buildings, ships, piping systems, railway tracks and many more.

Key Points:

1) Flexible to accept various deflections such as axial, angular or lateral
2) Find usage for ant-vibration, noise absorption, building settlement and many more.
3) Available in various technical specifications
4) External damage can be protected using heavy wall housing
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PTFE Moduled Expansion Bellow

The primary distinction amongst elastic and our PTFE Module Expansion Bellow are the consumption protection and temperature protection that are essentially greater with our bellow. It is appropriate for Retention of vibrations, clamor diminishment, taking up lateral or axial expansion, etc.

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PTFE Lined Expansion Bellow

PTFE Lined Expansion Bellows elite procedure ensures numerous convolution dividers of steady and uniform thickness for universal size. This connection hefty wall and geometry is among the essential purposes behind the exceptional execution of our bellow. In addition, profound convolutions permit expanded pivotal travel.