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Valves can withstand diverse industrial conditions and remain unaffected by change in temperature, fluids that flow through the valves having different concentrations, chemicals and many more. The mentioned valves are available in different specifications to be operated at full vacuum and for the implementation in several industries like paper, cement, chemical, petrochemicals, refineries, steel, sugar, fertilizers, etc.
Pipes and Pipe Fittings
Our offered fittings are used to connect several pipes together so that flow of fluids can be deviated without any leakage. These Pipes and Pipe Fittings are manufactured using the best quality Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Because of their accurate dimensions, resistivity to corrosion, trouble free installation and smooth surface finishing, these find usage in construction industries.
Butterfly Valves
Our offered Butterfly Valves are engineered utilizing the finest quality Perfluoroalkoxy Alkanes and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). We have received overwhelming response for their compact design,  easy installation,  robust structure,  stability, smooth functioning and less maintenance. The small size of these valves allow quick opening and closing without the requiring any kind of structural support.
Storage Tanks
We offer these Storage Tanks in different capacities which are ideal for transporting and storing semi-solids, chemicals, fuels, beverages, solvents and several other kinds of fluids. Because of their durability, these are highly demanded in a number of industries such as bio-tech, pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage and flavor & fragrance are few to be named.
The products that fall under this category are perfect for blending and mixing of a number of fluids. We render Agitators that find usage in various industries such as chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and many more for their high strength, temperature resistance and dimensional accuracy. These also help companies for adding non-stick or anti-slippery characteristics to a surface.
Expansion Bellows
These are developed for the safe absorption of the expansion and contraction of various construction material due to the induced heat. Our offered Expansion Bellows are available in various technical specifications that are used for minimizing the level of vibrations and sound produced. The ruggedly constructed bellows are used in between the sections of ships, bridges, piping systems, buildings, etc.
Basket Strainers
Offered Basket Strainers are utilized where the line may be closed down for brief periods to change or clean baskets. These strainers are ideal for different industries that require filtering their content in every manufacturing procedure.
Industrial Rollers
We render top quality Industrial Rollers which are available in a variety of roll diameters, rolling thickness and working lengths. Our offered rollers are designed and constructed to be implemented in conveyors for conveying bulk and heavy loads. Depending upon the type of application, these can be set low or high in the conveyor frame.
Lined Equipments
These are ruggedly constructed to provide less maintenance, resulting in longer service life. Our rendered Lined Equipments offers resistance against corrosion, water and a number of chemical solutions such as alkali and acids. The mentioned equipments have superior finishing and precise dimensions to be utilized in several industries like oil, gas & petroleum, paper & pulp, chemicals and many more.
Industrial Cylinders
Our array of Industrial Cylinders is implemented in steel plants, chemical, paper, oil & gas industries, etc. because of their rugged construction. These are available in different sizes for the easy storage of fluids as well as gases. The valve of the cylinder is tightly and properly fitted to prevent the leakage.
Manhole Covers
These covers are built using high grade quality of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to cover sewage and drains in various industrial areas. The anti corrosion finish offered by our Manhole Covers do not require much maintenance. Our rendered covers have been developed with an excellent capability to bear large amount of load.
Nutsche Filter
Our offered Nutsche Filter are available in varied capacities, specifications and sizes. These are designed to be operated under pressure or vacuum. In addition, these are also used for performing a number of tasks like filtration, thermal drying, reaction and cake washing over a single unit. Such filters are ideal to handle toxic, odor-noxious, corrosive and flammable material.
Stainless Steel Components
We offer Stainless Steel Components which are highly resistant to corrosion, acid attacks and staining. All these make such components suitable for a number applications in food processing plants, engineering workshops, commercial kitchens, construction works, etc. These do not need to be painted and can be easily sterilized and steam-cleaned.
Automobile Parts
We offer a variety of Automobile Parts for all kinds of vehicles such as two, three and four wheelers. All these parts are ruggedly built to ensure efficient and reliable transportation and for easy installation and maintenance. The mentioned parts are available in various specifications that are properly lubricated to provide proper functionality.
Heat Exchanger
This array of ergonomically developed Heat Exchangers can be accessed in different specifications to choose from. Based on their design, these systems can withstand up to 3.0MPa operating pressure and maximum 250 degree C working temperature. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
Y Type Strainer
This array of Y Type Strainers is utilized for transferring various media like water, gas, steam, vapor etc. These comprise of metal mesh and liner. Free from leakage, these strainers are deformation protected. Long lasting quality, breakage proof design and fast installation method are their key features.
Agitated Nutsche Filter
Agitated Nutsche Filters are known for their application specific design. These are used for managing flammable and toxic materials. Compact shape, advanced features and reasonable price are their key aspects. These filters remain functional for years. We offer these products at reasonable price.